Plumbers In Melbourne

Calling for a plumber in Melbourne or any other area is never a pleasant business. Like many others, you probably take your plumbing for granted. When there is a problem, though, you really feel the loss of this central part of modern life.

When the plumbing breaks down in your Melbourne residence, it feels like life comes to a halt and you cannot get anything done. It then can become somewhat of an emergency to find an available Melbourne plumber, who in some instances, may be needed nearly immediately.

You can avoid some of the problems with plumbing in your Melbourne residence or business by learning a little more about the common plumbing issues that plague homeowners and others. When these things occur, you almost always need a professional to solve the problems. However, when you speak with plumbers, you can often find out ways to keep these issues from cropping up again.

PlumberCommon Plumbing Problems

When people think of plumbing problems, they generally think of something going wrong with the toilet. It is true that many of the most common plumbing issues are centered on the toilet. However, anything that affects the pipes in your home is something that a professional plumber should address. This includes sinks and tubs.

It also includes gas connections for hot water and heating. Many people are not aware of this additional specialty that some hardware retailers can arrange for you. The most common issues for which you may need to refer to professional plumbers in Melbourne are listed below.

Clogged Toilet

Toilets can become clogged for many reasons. Some people jokingly assume that this happens because somebody overuses the toilet and puts too much waste into it. The truth is that most plumbing systems are more than prepared to handle large amounts of sewage waste.

What often causes a backed-up toilet is overuse of paper products. People allow the toilet to gather a lot of paper products to avoid flushing and then, when they do, it is too much to pass through the pipes.

Kids are also frequently the culprits when toilets become backed up. If you have small children in the house or have had them in the house recently, the toilet may get clogged due to something that they did. Plumbers Melbourne often discover toys in the pipes beneath a house or apartment building. These toys are irregularly shaped and they retain waste and paper products until they completely stop up a pipe.

Many times, the home owner or resident can solve the problem on his or her own. A properly used plunger might dislodge the blockage and allow the toilet to resume proper functioning. In cases in which toys have been flushed down the toilet, unstopping the clog may be a temporary solution and the problem will start again when the toy gathers more waste.

ToiletLeaking Toilet

Leaking toilets are also common. In this case, the problem is often more difficult to solve for a non-plumber. If the toilet is leaking at the base, that is probably a problem with the seal around the pipe that leads down to the sewer.

Running Toilet

Noisy toilets are a pain not just because they interrupt your thoughts and make it hard to hear but also because they are a waste of money. Your water bill can go up significantly if you let this problem go on for a while.

The problem is often caused by a defective toilet flapper. This is the part inside the toilet tank that covers the drain and allows the tank to fill up. It could also be a problem with the floater, which determines when the inrushing water is turned off.

Toilet Odors

A stinking toilet is not necessarily due to someone forgetting to flush. Instead, there may be a slow leak of sewage somewhere inside or underneath the toilet. It is slow enough that you never see it before it dries. However, the sewage in the water remains and causes unpleasant odors.

Clogged Showerhead

If you notice that your shower head is not shooting a complete stream of water or the water seems to be exiting the head in odd directions, it is probably clogged. Such a clog typically happens in regions where that have very hard water. You may notice this hard water build-up gathering around the showerhead.

Sometimes you can remove the showerhead and soak it in vinegar to remove this problem. If this does not work, the problem may require a showerhead replacement or the assistance of a plumber.

Shower Leaks

A shower leak is most often due to a defective part inside the shower. A plumber can replace the defective parts or recommend that you replace the entire shower assembly.

Shower Temperature Fluctuations

Many people take fluctuations in their water temperature in stride as if they were not a problem. While it may a normal situation for you, the fact is that the water in your boiler to need a chance to reheat between usages. It is not normal for the temperature to fluctuate during usage. If this is happening, the root cause may be rusting pipes or a low water supply. Either way, a plumber will need to make a thorough review of your system to find and solve the problem.

Foul Odors in Bathtub

Sometimes people notice that a foul odor coming from their bathtub never seems to go away. This is usually a problem with the trap. This section of the pipe normally prevents odors from rising into your bathroom from the sewer.

The trap is U-shaped and always retains water as a barrier. It can dry out due to infrequent usage or due to a slow leak. You might solve this by yourself by pouring a lot of water down the drain. If this does not work, a plumber may need to replace the trap.

Clogged Drain

If water will not actually exit the bathtub, then the drain is probably clogged by hair and other deposits that accumulate in the pipes. The right plumber’s tools can eliminate this problem safely.

Leaky Taps

It is easy to ignore a leaking tap for the first month. Then you get the water bill. It only takes 10 drips per minute to use 30 gallons a month. If your leak is faster than that, do the math and imagine the cost. Taps leak because parts of every sink eventually wear down and fail. Plumbers can easily identify these problems and replace the parts.

Leaks Under the Sink

When the pipes underneath your sink begin to leak, you may not even notice. When you do notice, the leak has hopefully not damaged the wood or other material beneath your sink. When the pipes there fail, you should contact a plumber as soon as possible to fix the problem. A particularly bad leak may require emergency plumbing.

Water Heater Issues

Running out of hot water too quickly may be due to mineral sediments building up in the system. Sometimes you can drain this sediment on your own. If not, call a plumber to help or to replace the heater.

Types of Plumbers

As you can see from the list above, there are many kinds of possible plumbing problems. There are also different types of plumbers. While many plumbers have a general knowledge of plumbing, some specialize in particular problems. Gas plumbers are qualified to work on gas lines, for instance, while others do not have that qualification. A roof plumber can work on AC units.

There are also different levels of distinction among plumbers. In some states, master plumbers hold the highest regard while journeyman plumbers and apprentice plumbers are in lower stages of recognition for their skills.

Plumbing problems are not just inconvenient. They are almost universally important because of the long-term effects they can cause. When you notice a plumbing problem in your Melbourne residence, you should notify a plumber immediately.